Modern factory for the manufacture of encapsulated

GMI (Spain) has a modern hi-tech facility in a convenient strategic location to supply the local Spanish and global Cored Wire market for Steel plants and Foundries

In its modern Factory located in Reinosa, Cantabria, Global Metwire Injection has over 15,000 square meters of manufacturing facilities.
GMI dedicates 5,000 square meters to industrial activities within the main warehouse divided into the following sections:

  • Trading (2600 m2)
  • Cored wire (2200 m2)
  • Bunker for storing potentially dangerous products (Mg, Ca, Al, C y S), (600 m2)

There is a team dedicated to manufacturing Cored Wire products and another in charge of supplying raw materials for this production, offering a precision of +- 0.2% every 20 meters of length of wire.

In addition, there are two mills for the milling and subsequent classification of raw materials.



The plant is very conveniently located in Reinosa – Cantabria (Spain).

Less than 2-hours by road from Bilbao and Gijón, two of the main Spanish and European ports.

In an area of 500km2 around Reinosa there are:

  • 15.000.000 MT of crude steel Production
  • 1.000.000 MT of foundry metal casting.
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