Health & Safety, the key objetive

For Global Metwire Injection S.L. the health and safety of employees is a key corporate objective, just like the quality of our products or the success of the business. We aspire to provide a quality work environment and promote awareness of healthy practices among employees.

GMI’s Occupational Health and Safety program is developed and reviewed at all levels of the organization, involving employees, supervisors and management.

The company implements security practices to encourage staff to identify, reduce, and prevent risks. We carry out a series of actions, such as hazard identification and risk assessment, implementation of safe practices, technological improvements, and training to raise employee awareness. At GMI we not only have the appropriate management systems and means for the prevention of occupational hazards, but we also actively participate, together with trade union organizations and all our employees, in the design and development of projects that promote the implementation of a preventive culture that reduce risks and accidents at work. Consequently, health and safety have been fully integrated into business planning and control processes.

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